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Pivo Ambassadors


"For a photographer Pivo adds fun and creativity and the opportunity to do something different"
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"Pivo is my tool of choice for the funkiest photos and videos!"
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"As a creative, being able to go far and wide is the ultimate goal and my Pivo helps me stay consistent with a video a day!"
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What is Pivo Ambassador

We feel proud to call Pivo Ambassadors as our partners. Pivo Ambassadors are deeply connected with the Pivo Team and spreading Pivo’s brand voice by creating and sharing content. Pivo Ambassadors’ mission is motivating people to make fun & creative content in their everyday lives.

How to become a Pivo Ambassador

You can become a Pivo Ambassador by winning our social media events or becoming a Pivographer Team first.

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Pivographer team

Be involved with Pivo, share our insanely creative spirits

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  • Sneak peeks of new features/products.
  • Shoutout on Pivo's social media.
  • Special affiliate commission rates.
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  • Free Pivo & $50 per content.
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  • Keep creating content with Pivo's various features and sharing.
  • Share Pivo's news and events via social media or websites.
  • Attend Pivo's social media engagement events.